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I wonder if green has any symbolism in the Rayman universe since the main king’s wear it.  It’s supposedly the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.  

Nature, energy, and harmony are definitely fitting, considering they have themselves planted at the heart of the world and have to guard it to keep the world’s harmony safe.

Though I wonder if it would have anything that’s different from our world.  Like, how purple is a royal color, would green be thought of as royal?  Though, it’s such a common color in the Glade, maybe all it does is show a connection to the world or some feeling of being down to earth, and the gold trim is there to show a humble sense of royalty.

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Battleblock Theater Headcanons


I tried to sum up all the things I’ve been thinking about for this game lately.  Might’ve missed a few things, but this is good enough.

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i work hard on my stupid humainzations i love them and theyre mine…

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To anyone who followed this blog for Rayman things only, you’re going to become acquainted with the word disappointment real soon.

Since my muse for the limbless boy is kinda dead atm, and I have headcanon for other things, and this is a headcanon blog, those headcanons will be going here \o/ 

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r2 humanrayman hair - same as r3 to current hair, but no shave

r1 human hair - same as r2, possibly bigger bangs, but also has a ponytail 

sissy was the first one to shave his hair in the r3 humanized style, ray is just a poser

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I wonder if Sissy tries having a candy themed area put into the Land of the Livid Dead or drags Fee to that one that appeared in R1 a lot, since I imagine he was created in/around that area he finds a certain comfort in it.  

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For some reason I want to say this man is a perfect humanized Tarayzan

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ive been thinking about that for awhile now it’d be neat i think? but im not sure how it’d work with how legends actually happened… regardless.

knight rayman and globox come from a medieval world, (probably the same as barbara would’ve come from), the cave men looking ones come from a primitive glade, the naked ones a nudist glade….

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the princesses were originally supposed to be from different worlds, not the glade of dreams, right? i wonder if the character skins for rayman/globox were originally, like, different versions of them that exist in another world/universe that came through the portraits to help…

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i was thinking about polokususussesesesus masks last night like how they could be his different forms bc he’s a shapeshifter?

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